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Motor Protection Relay

P/N: 143794

The Ampcontrol IPM Integrated Protection Relay (Version IPM V2.0) is an intelligent protection relay based on microprocessor technology.


The IPM Integrated Protection Relay (P/N: 143794) provides all the necessary protection functions to control the various types of mining machinery. The default Status Screen allows unskilled personnel to determine what is required to apply power to the machine. (See IPMUser Manual 121549 for full details).

The IPM Integrated Relay provides the necessary functions required for protecting electrical outlets supplying underground mining machinery, powered by reeling or trailing cables, in the metalliferous industry. The relay can also be used to provide optimum overload protection of motors used on conveyors, pumps, fans and compressors. All of the protection functions are combined into a compact, plug-in unit, which can be easily changed out to minimise down time in the event of a problem with the relay.

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