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The Latest on Our Product Range

ELM V2.png

The Ampcontrol ELM V2 earth leakage relay has been designed and approved for use on earth fault limited systems providing earth leakage protection (earth fault protection). 

Electronics protection relays monitor and protect a wide range of electrical system parameters. The relays include phase failure, voltage, current, frequency, DC and reverse power protection.

Protection Relays.png
HMI & Smart Controllers.png

EMF's Smart Controllers utilise powerful logic engines to reduce build time and costs by integrating PLC, HMI and Openbus communications into a single easy to mount unit!

EMF Services offers a comprehensive range of Insulation Monitoring Relays suitable for mining applications and any other application requiring the highest quality of insulation monitoring.

Insulation Monitoring Relays.png

EMF Services offers a comprehensive range of Earth Leakage Relays suitable for mining applications and any other application requiring the highest quality of earth leakage protection.

If you require a robust, high quality remote isolation system for your conveyor applications, EMF is a one stop shop. EMF Services provides drawings, testing and continued support at your discretion.

Conveyor Controls.png

Gasguard 2 range is comprised of 5 specific gas detection options that can be purchased individually or as a part of a system.

Gasguard 2 allows remote monitoring through the Gasguard Live applications. Enquire today for more info and pricing.

A supplier that provides products AND engineering services? Yes! EMF Services is a one stop shop to ensure seamless product integration through installation drawings, pre-programming and testing followed by continued support from our engineers.

Gas Detection (2).png
Sirens and Indicators.png

EMF Services now offers an wide range of beacons, sirens and indicators for use in all systems. Enquire for pricing today.

Next up for our Featured Product of The Week, our Advanced Power Meter Range. Programmable Volt meters, Ammeters and frequency meters make up the range.

APM LinkedIn.png
Version 1.png

We will be featuring key elements of our product range on our LinkedIn WEEKLY! First up is our dynamic range of ELRs from Frer.

"The Frer Range of Earth Leakage Relays provides the ability to Measure, Alarm & Trip remotely using RS485 Modbus data transmission."

The iMAC2 Controller forms part of the iMAC Integrated Monitoring and Control System, designed specifically for long line distributed monitoring and control in harsh hazardous areas such as mining and heavy industry.

Conveyor control.png

Rogowski Integrator Kit

Are you looking for an easy-to-install, plug and play solution to be used with any power meter or equipment with a mA nominal current transformer input? Read all about or RIK in the latest EMF Newsletter.

Safety Relays

EMF Services offers a wide range of safety relays, suitable for various electrical manufacturing needs. 

Stainless Steel .png


EMF Services now offers a broad range of enclosures, suitable for indoor and outdoor application. 


Acuvim Power Meters come equipped with the AcuCloud Energy Metering Solution. Gain real-time insights and access historical data at your finger tips.

The Next Generation of Power Meters and Current Transformers


AcuCloud & Acuvim Series II

Our Range
Please continue to browse our range. If you are interested in any of these electrical components and products, call or email us today.

To request access to our full digital catalogue, follow the link below.

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