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iMAC 2
Conveyor Controller

P/N: 171571

The iMAC2 Controller forms part of the iMAC Integrated Monitoring and Control System, designed specifically for long line distributed monitoring and control in harsh hazardous areas such as mining and heavy industry.


The iMAC 2 Controller (P/N: 171571) uses a patented signaling system to communicate with modules connected to the iMAC fieldbus. This signaling technique utilises a robust combination of pulse width modulation and current loop techniques to provide reliable fail safe communications in the harshest of mining environments.

The iMAC system is IECEx Ex ia Group I certified allowing use in intrinsically safe applications. The controller must be installed in the safe area, the iMAC intrinsically safe Master Line Barrier (MLB)allows the fieldbus and certified iMAC I/Omodules to be installed in hazardous areas.

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